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Search Engine Options

Search Engine Options

Search Engine Options

Did you know that there are search engine options other than Google? I have always liked a broader search than Google tends to give. If you are searching for information and Google isn’t giving you enough variety, here are some other search options for you to try.

Since many of the searches on Google tend to be based more on my location and my circle of friends (what I like and what they like), sometimes it feels like I get stuck in a bubble seeing the same information over and over.

I love research and information, so I am always on the look out for new information. I am one of those weird people who searches Google all the way to the very last page.

I do have another list of search options from an earlier post and you can always visit wikipedia’s list of search engines if you want to search through a huge list of options.


Hashtags On Twitter

What #hashtags Do You Use? During my Blog Write Party on Monday there was discussion about what #hashtags we were using in our tweets. I spent some time searching through my twitter feed to see what #hashtags my followers were using. I choose the #hashtags that were most relevant to my interests (homeschool, special needs, […]