Saving Time With Social Media

Using Buffer To Save Time With Social Media

Saving Time With Social Media

Using Buffer To Save Time With Social Media

Have you ever wondered how the bigger bloggers seem to get more done in the same 24 hours that we all have? I have noticed that too and I always wondered what their secret was, besides having a virtual assistant (which I don’t). One secret that I have discovered is using Buffer to save time with social media.

I already talked about putting things in my pocket, so you can go read that at your leisure, but today, I wanted to introduce you to Buffer (in case you have not already heard of it). Buffer is this amazing app that allows you to tweet something, but have that tweet held and then sent out on a prearranged schedule.

If you are anything like me and you like to take a few spare minutes and go blog surfing, but you don’t want to bombard your readers with tweets at 1am, then Buffer is probably something that will help you.

Buffer App

Here is how I use the Buffer App:

  • I only use the free version at this time (free version gives you 10 buffers in a queue).
  • I only Buffer things to twitter. I do not use Buffer for Facebook, although you can.
  • I set up my tweets to go out every few hours around the clock.
  • I fill up my Buffer every night before bed.
  • If my Buffer gets full, I simply send out the tweets.
  • I Buffer tweets and retweets.
  • I Buffer blog posts and news articles as I read them (when it is convenient for me).
  • I can Buffer from my Pocket and I can Pocket to Buffer later.

Buffer App Reources

There are many different ways to use Buffer. I have only just stuck my toes into the river. What I have shared is enough to get you started and you can use the links here to find more extensions.

Articles For Further Information

Talk To Me

  • Do you us Buffer? Paid or free version?
  • What buffering method have you found to work the best for you?
  • What other time saving methods have you found?

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