What Do I Put In My Sidebars?

What Do I Put In My Sidebars

What Do I Put In My Sidebars?

Often times when I am working with clients, I am asked for suggestions about what to put in the sidebars.

I have compiled two lists. The first list is what I would consider to be the most important things. The second list depends largely on your specific blog and what you hope to accomplish with it.

Items from either of these lists could also go in a footer, if you are wondering what to put down there on the bottom of your page.

The Most Important Things

  • Mug Shot And Mini Bio – or – About The Author
  • Connect With Us – or – Social Icons
  • Subscribe
  • Search
  • Copyright Notice
  • Grab Button

Optional, But Useful Things

  • Our Family
  • Events
  • Giveaways
  • Topics (Tag or Category Cloud)
  • Graphic Category List
  • Archive Calendar
  • Permission To Pin
  • Places Around The Web
  • Blogging Friends
  • Reviews
  • We Recommend or Recommended Sites
  • Sponsors
  • Affiliates
  • Advertisers
  • Popular Posts
  • Recent Posts
  • Recent Comments
  • Archives
  • Terms & Conditions
  • I Also Write At – or – Find Us Elsewhere
  • Important Links
  • Linky Party Grab Buttons
  • Linky Party Buttons
  • Posts By Category
  • Blogrolls and Hops
  • Popular Pinterest Boards
  • Hot Topics
  • Helpful Links
  • PR/Disclosure Policy Link
  • Secondary Navigation Menu
  • Mini Contact Form

What Do You Have In Your Sidebars?


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